About Us

About us

Carbon Composite Parts was founded by Dave Greenwood based on his extensive experience of reinforced plastics.

His initial college studies in art and design led to a key interest in these new materials. This led him to Lotus Cars who were just setting up a new factory in Norfolk to produce the new Elan and Europa . At that time Lotus, under the direction of the mercurial Colin Chapman was the focus of an amazing effort of design and technology which could be said to underpin Britain’s long term dominance of motor sport.

Leaving Lotus, Dave lectured extensively on modern materials and mould making both in the UK and mainland Europe before becoming production manager of a leading moulding company and then founding his own business.

In Carbon Composite Parts, he has brought together a highly skilled team who have met many challenges from engineers and designers. We work closely with our customers to produce high quality components. It is this reputation for consistent quality which brings business to us.

We regularly meet the expectations of the most demanding customers – from racing drivers to aircraft manufacturers – or even the Rolling Stones. We look forward to your challenge.

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